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Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye: Here’s How to Keep Your Lips Hydrated

January 19, 2021 - Rhys Branman, MD
We know that the bottom line of beautiful skin is healthy skin, but did you know that the same goes for your lips? When lips are exposed to environmental factors like the sun or dry air—or even too much of…

Menopause and Your Skin: Common Problems and Real Solutions

November 25, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD
While getting older comes with benefits including increased maturity and wisdom, many women enter their late 40s and 50s with a sense of dread, knowing they will experience the effects of menopause. As if the emotional and physical aspects weren’t…

4 Tips for Managing Rosacea from a Licensed Aesthetician

April 28, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD
April may be Rosacea Awareness Month, but anyone who suffers from this chronic skin condition knows it’s a lifetime concern that can flare up any time of the year. As the root cause of rosacea is still being researched and…

12 Days of Christmas at Cosmetic Surgery Center

August 24, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD
We’ve made our list, checked it twice, and decided all of you deserve a little somethin’ special this holiday season. For 12 days, we’ll be offering exclusive savings on some of our most popular products and treatments! Mark your calendar…

3 Dangerous Beauty Hacks You Should Avoid

May 1, 2018 - Rhys Branman, MD
Who doesn’t love a good DIY? Whether you’re addicted to home projects featured on Pinterest or are a die-hard homemade beauty product enthusiast, it’s important to be discerning when it comes to internet tutorials. While there are a few DIY…

50+ Ways to Make 2018 the Year of Your Best Skin Yet

January 16, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD
“My skincare habits are already perfect.” Said no one, ever (at least no one who was telling the truth). Even if you wear sunscreen, wipe off your makeup every night, and buy the top skincare products—we’d bet the rest of…

How Many of These Anti-Aging Myths Do You Believe?

August 26, 2019 - Rhys Branman, MD
One quick Google search for anti-aging tips will have you questioning your entire skincare routine—and wondering if you’ve doomed yourself with years of bad habits. Refinery29 asked the experts to sort the bonafide from the bogus when it comes to…

5 Skin Treatments Perfect for Summer (That Won’t Break the Bank)

August 24, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD
Summer is coming, and now is a great time so say, “out with the old, in with the new”—skin, that is! As the seasons shift, many of us are still battling the lackluster complexion winter graced us with, but reviving…

Could Latisse Also Help Fill In Your Brows? Studies Point to Yes

October 13, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD
Have you heard of Latisse®? If so, you may know that it’s the only FDA approved product that can help you grow fuller, longer and darker eyelashes. Our Little Rock patients who use Latisse  love what they see and rave…

PERK Your Skin Up!

November 29, 2018 - Rhys Branman, MD
You know how most at-home facials tell you to avoid the eyes and lips? This can be so frustrating—the delicate areas such as the eyes, lips, and neck are often the first to show unwelcome signs of aging. What’s a…
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