The SmartLift Facelift in Little Rock

Updated December 13, 2019

An excellent facelift option with less scarring and a shorter recovery

Aging is an inevitable though frustrating part of life. Your face is the first thing people see, and if you’re bothered by the story it’s telling, it can be difficult to feel confident. That’s why Dr. Rhys Branman has spent years helping patients just like you achieve a smoother, firmer appearance.

What is a SmartLift facelift?

The SmartLift procedure is a customized lower face and neck lift

Each of us age at a different rate and there isn’t a specific age. You could be a great candidate for the SmartLift if you’re exhibiting mild, moderate or advanced signs of aging in the following areas:

  • Fat deposits beneath the chin
  • Folds and wrinkles of the neck
  • Hanging jowls that obstruct the natural jaw line
  • Marionette lines (from each side of the mouth down to the chin)

What are the benefits of a SmartLift?

We aim to achieve a facial renewal that appears natural. Dr. Branman utilizes several of the latest techniques in facial cosmetic surgery during this procedure.

The SmartLift involves making incisions, tightening muscles, and lifting the skin in just the right areas for you. Also, if there is any fat in the neck and jowl areas, it is removed during the SmartLift procedure by liposuction through a small incision made under the chin. This enhances your results even more by making the neck and jowl area smoother and more refined. Incisions are well hidden in the hairline and ear areas, so detection is very minimal.

A faster recovery with SmartLift

The recovery time after a SmartLift is typically quite short. Although you will need to rest at home for the first couple of days, most patients are back at work after only 7-10 days. Patients seldom complain of discomfort with this procedure and are extremely pleased with their beautiful new look while giving them long-lasting results!

FAQ’s About the SmartLift Facelift

Dr. Branman answers common patient questions about facelift surgery.

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