Neck Contouring with Liposuction

One of the most common complaints we hear is, “I hate the fat and loose skin around my neck,” or “I hate my double chin.” If you have similar feelings about your appearance, you may want to consider liposuction.

By removing excess fat underneath the chin and sculpting the area to refine, liposuction can help you restore definition to your neckline, eliminating a double chin. You may even look as though you have lost weight.

In older patients, sagging, fatty tissue below the chin often causes patients to believe they need a facelift or neck lift, when they may only need to undergo submental liposuction, which is a much less invasive option.

Your Consultation: the First Step

The surgery process begins with a consultation where you can discuss your concerns and discuss the results that can be obtained through surgery. If we proceed, the day of surgery will start with a preoperative exam, preoperative photos, and preoperative markings. The treated area is then thoroughly cleansed and a local anesthetic is applied.
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The Facial Liposuction Procedure

During liposuction, Dr. Branman makes a small incision and saturates the targeted area with a tumescent solution. He then inserts a small tube called a cannula, which is attached to a suction hose, to remove fat from the chin and neck. After chin liposuction, the neck is taped for about 48 hours and a special chinstrap is worn for 3-4 days.

Recovery is usually quick with minor discomfort. Some bruising and swelling should be expected, but patients can usually return to work within 1 week.

Choose A Qualified Surgeon

Rejuvenation of the neck is an important part of facial cosmetic surgery and it requires a special knowledge of neck anatomy. You should choose a surgeon with adequate knowledge regarding the lower face and experience performing the many procedures of this area.

Neck lift surgery, and all cosmetic surgery procedures, are performed by Little Rock cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rhys Branman at Arkansas Surgical Hospital or in our in-office surgical suite. For more information on liposuction of the lower face, contact the office of Dr. Branman.

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