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Tummy Tucks Can Improve Your Sex Life!

November 19, 2019 - Rhys Branman, MD

Tummy TuckIt’s true, abdominoplasty can improve your sex life! And it’s not just because you look and feel more attractive with a flatter, tighter belly. An unexpected perk of a tummy tuck is that by lifting the skin of the pubic mound (the mons pubis), the angle of the vulva is changed. So you will not only look better, but also, um, you may very well feel better too.

Subjective and objective factors involved were measured in a pilot study done in 2011 at the São Paulo School of Medicine. Physical changes in the distance of female anatomical parts were measured (specifically the distance between the xiphoid process and vulvar commissure). The xiphoid process is the extension of cartilage at the lower end of the sternum, at the middle of your chest. The vulvar commissure includes the area that the mons pubis joins the labia. So if the distance between these two anatomical features is shortened, the vulva is necessarily pulled up a bit higher. Consequently, the clitoris is more exposed after abdominoplasty.

Two psychological instruments were used to assess the women’s subjective responses (the Sexuality Assessment Scale and Body Shape Questionnaire). The Sexuality Assessment Scale was developed specifically for this study. This SAS consisted of 8 questions posed to the 19 women who participated in the study. Six months after their surgeries, all 19 women reported improvement in their sex lives, and their body image. What a success! And how interesting that this unexpected effect of a tummy tuck actually has some scientific evidence behind it now. But do realize that women with sexual dysfunction were ruled out of the study in order to get accurate results and standardize the variables. A tummy tuck will not help pre-orgasmic women. This was a pilot study, meaning it was the first study to look at this phenomenon; more research will be required.

However, if you want a tummy tuck for the primary reasons of removing excess skin after weight loss or tighten abdominal muscles as part of a mommy makeover, Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center is the place to visit. We offer a consultation too.

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