Male Breast Reduction Little Rock

Achieve a flatter, firmer, more masculine chest

Gynecomastia, a condition of enlarged male breasts, affects about half the male population to some extent. The cause varies and for the most part is unknown. The condition has been linked to hormonal issues, dietary issues, and certain types of drug use. Excess breast tissue can be glandular tissue or simply fat, which can be determined through radiographic tests.

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Once we determine the composition of the breast tissue, we can design an effective treatment plan. If the tissue is mostly fat, basic liposuction is usually effective. If glandular tissue is the problem, it will typically be removed through an incision below the areola. If the nipples noticeably protrude, they can be flattened.

Most gynecomastia procedures will be a customized combination of liposuction and surgical removal of tissue. There may be dissolvable stitches below the skin as part of the sculpturing of your new shape. Dr. Branman will work to create a flat, smooth surface with no dips and rises. Most procedures take about 90 minutes, although some are longer. When surgical removal of tissue is finished, the skin will be stitched to its new position and a dressing applied.

How long is recovery after male breast reduction?

It may take a few months for the results of male breast reduction to be fully appreciated. Dr. Branman will provide instructions on how to care for yourself after the surgery. To reduce recovery time and the risk of complications, these instructions should be closely followed. Swelling, bruising, and some discomfort should be expected after male breast reduction. Once healing is complete, you should be able to appreciate a flatter, firmer, more masculine chest.

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