Breast Augmentation in Little Rock, Arkansas

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Learn how Dr. Rhys Branman can help you feel great about your look

While there is no such thing as the perfect breast, every woman deserves to feel self-assured and happy with her body. But if you are bothered by the appearance of your breasts, it can be difficult to feel confident in  yourself and your appearance. Dr. Rhys Branman understands just how much this can impact your self-esteem because he’s helped hundreds of patients just like you boost their feminine curves and their confidence through breast augmentation surgery in Little Rock.

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Whether you’ve always felt self-conscious of your naturally small breasts, or you’ve noticed loss of volume and shape after pregnancy, weight loss, or the natural aging process, expertly performed breast augmentation can help you feel confident in your appearance every day.

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Why You Should Consider Breast Augmentation in Little Rock

Breast augmentation consistently ranks as one of the top-performed cosmetic surgery procedures with some of the highest patient satisfaction ratings in the United States, for good reason. When performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Branman, breast augmentation is a straightforward procedure that offers dramatic improvement without excessive discomfort or downtime. Our patients typically return to work within the first week and are enjoying their final results within a few months—and with advancements in surgical technique and breast implants themselves, recovery is becoming shorter, more comfortable, and less prone to complications.

So, why would you consider breast augmentation? Here are some of the most popular reasons for getting breast implants:

  • “I feel self-conscious about my small breasts when wearing certain clothes.”
  • “I don’t feel like my breasts are proportionate to the rest of my body.”
  • “I’ve lost fullness in the upper part of my breasts after having kids.”
  • “My breasts are noticeably asymmetrical.”
  • “I’m bothered by the shape and contour of my breasts.”
  • “I just want to feel confident in (and out of) clothes.”

The decision to have breast augmentation is a deeply personal one that should be made by you alone, with the guidance of a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Together, you and your surgeon can explore which options will work best for you.

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation: the First Step

During your consultation, Dr. Branman will evaluate your health, your skin tone, body type and the condition of your breasts to determine the most beneficial option for you. You can also discuss your options for breast implant size and breast implant type as well as implant texture and shape. Dr. Branman may also discuss a Breast Lift would be suitable for you.

With more breast implant choices than ever to get just the right size, shape and fullness, the knowledge and skill of a cosmetic surgeon with 15 years of experience in breast surgery, and the helpful support of our Little Rock cosmetic surgery staff, you can enjoy the beautiful breast contour you’ve always wanted.

Choosing Your Breast Implants

Our Little Rock breast augmentation patients tell us they have fun choosing their implants, but there are so many options that making the decision can get a little overwhelming. We are here to help.

Dr. Branman is experienced with both silicone gel and saline implants, so he can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. If Dr. Branman recommends a specific implant, he will discuss with you the reasons for that choice and the results that can be expected in regard to size and breast appearance.

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Dr. Branman Discusses Implant Options and Safety

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery Like?

Breast augmentation is usually performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis at Dr. Branman’s Little Rock office or at our accredited Surgery Center or Hospital, staffed with experienced, qualified nurses and anesthesia specialists for your safety. The surgery takes approximately one hour to perform.

Once you and your surgeon have chosen the ideal breast implant options for you, you will be placed either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. Through an inconspicuously placed incision, Dr. Branman will create a space for your breast implants within your breast pocket and place your breast implants in an ideal, attractive position. Once the desired results have been achieved, Dr. Branman will suture and dress your incisions, and you will be able to return home after a brief period in the recovery room.

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