Breast Revision in Little Rock

Dr. Branman can help you improve your breast augmentation result

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure known for its high patient satisfaction rate. However, a certain number of patients undergo revision, either to correct a problem with their breast implants or because they want to change their implant size or type.

If you would like to improve your breast augmentation results, you want to increase or decrease your breast implant size, or you are experiencing problems with your implants, we can help. Little Rock cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rhys Branman is experienced in multiple breast augmentation revision techniques. Whatever your needs or goals, he can help you get the results you want for the beautiful breast contour you deserve.
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What Can Breast Augmentation Revision Help With?

There are many possible reasons for seeking another breast procedure. Listed below are some of the indications that have been documented by plastic surgeons.

  • Capsular contracture: If abnormally tight scar tissue hardens around the implant, revision surgery is needed to correct the symptoms.
  • Breast implant displacement: The healing process can sometimes displace the implant (especially with very large implants), prompting a re-centering procedure.
  • Breast implant deflation: If an implant ruptures due to trauma or any other reason, surgery is necessary to replace the implant, which is often covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Saline implant adjustmentSaline breast implants are filled to a specified level during surgery. Sometimes an adjustment in the fill level is performed to correct rippling in the implant.
  • Size change: Patients (or their surgeons) may decide that a different implant size, type, or position is appropriate.
  • Breast droop: A significant amount of breast sagging can prompt a mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, to restore a pleasing breast position.
  • Scar revision: If the patient is dissatisfied with the way her scar has healed, a procedure can be performed to minimize or improve its appearance.

Should I remove my breast implants?

In some cases, medical indications (or simply patient preferences) may necessitate breast implant removal. The removal of breast implants can sometimes result in scarring, wrinkling, and possibly depression. Such an outcome doesn’t occur in every case, and a good surgeon will take steps to mitigate negative effects.

The surgical procedures listed above can be relatively simple or quite extensive; some revisions may require as little as 1 hour whereas others may require several hours.

When choosing a surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, consider the possibility of revisionary procedures that may be necessary years later. Choosing a surgeon who is highly experienced in breast these procedures is one of the best ways to avoid common problems with breast augmentation and to ensure continued satisfaction with your breast implants.

If you’ve experienced a problem with your implant or if you need to discuss the available options for altering your breast augmentation, contact the office of Dr. Branman to schedule a consultation.

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