Patient Reviews & Testimonials

We are honored to receive numerous reviews* containing heartfelt feedback from our patients. Below are a selection of reviews from Dr. Branman’s cosmetic surgery patients in Little Rock.

Patient Testimonial – Breast Augmentation

This one goes out to the Rock Star…

OK, this one goes out to the Rock Star. I did a lot of research on Plastic Surgeons; I was interested in two procedures, a Smart Lift and Tummy Lipo…. I chose Dr Branman. I was really impressed with my first visit. His staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Branman was very informative. After my exam he told me I would not really benefit from a tummy lipo because I did not have that much excess fat. He did recommend the Smart Lift. I scheduled my procedure. When it was time for my surgery Dr. Branman canceled my procedure due to my blood pressure. His nurse Leslie explained to me that high blood pressure could increase bleeding and cause a hematoma. I started to exercise and lost 14 pounds; I had my surgery. Thank you Dr. Branman. You care about your patients. You are not in the business to just make money. Everyone keeps telling me how great I look. They think it is because I lost weight (lol). You are truly a Rock Star.

I finally have the figure I’ve always wanted, and the confidence to match!

Dr. Branman recently performed my breast augmentation, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. He and his staff have been amazing through this entire process. During my consultation, he took the time to address all of my questions and concerns, and I was able to try on sizers to see what my end result might be. I really appreciate his attention to detail. I had zero bruising following my procedure, and the stitching on my incisions was immaculate. The implant size that Dr. Branman chose fits my body perfectly, and gives me the proportion I was lacking. The nurses have been so helpful, and the girls at the front desk are super sweet! I finally have the figure I’ve always wanted, and the confidence to match!

“The best” is simply an understatement.

Superlative, excellent, meritorious, unparalleled, magnificent, exquisite, prime, brilliant, phenomenal, quintessential, stupendous, monumental, astounding, marvelous, extraordinary, amazing, remarkable…. to put it lightly!!!!!! The best is simply an understatement. Dr. Branman’s work, professionalism, and overall performance are magnanimous. His staff is nothing short of an extension of himself! I honestly don’t think I would have been as pleased anywhere else.

Today my body matches the way I see myself…

All of my adult life my life I felt restricted by my body. Multiple pregnancies and yo-yo dieting had taken a toll on my appearance and I felt very self-conscious. I believed the outside of my body did not reflect the “real me” on the inside. After having the smart lift in March, I became more confident in my appearance. This inspired me to lose 45 lbs and I followed it with a tummy tuck and brachioplasty. The results far exceeded my hopes for the surgery.

Dr. Branman carefully listened to my needs and specific situation. My surgery was tailored to my challenges and goals. I believe everyone should embrace their life and not be limited by age or unhappiness with their body, and Branman made this possible for me. Today my body matches the way I see myself, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I believe my life has been enriched by this experience and I would recommend Dr. Branman and his wonderful staff to anyone.

I recommend Dr. Branman and his staff highly and without reservation.

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Branman and his entire office from the moment I stepped in for my consult to my last follow-up appointment. Dr. Branman, specifically, is what I would consider the benchmark for professionalism and expertise. I came in with an idea of what I thought I needed, but Dr. Branman consulted me a slightly different direction, and he was right on target. And it was apparent he was consulting with sincerity and not in an attempt to derive a higher fee. The staff tells you not to “expect a miracle,” but in my case the results actually are above and beyond what I expected. Dr. Branman performed an extensive surgery for me with no error at all, so I can only imagine how well a less extensive surgery would turn out. I recommend Dr. Branman and his staff highly and without reservation.

If I move out of this state I will come back just for him.

He is the best of the best! I had consultations with 6 other doctors before finding Dr Branman. He gave me back my perfect figure, but better!!! I had a mommy makeover and the very next day felt wonderful. Dr Branman is a true gifted artist. He is kind, compassionate and professional. If I move out of this state I will come back JUST for him. He is truly the best of the best!!

Worth every penny…

Dr. Branman and his staff were AMAZING! I’m very pleased with my recovery, my results, the staff and location. Zero complaints from this patient, as my breasts have never looked better. Worth every penny, and I’d recommend this surgery center/Dr. to anyone. They’ve worked on a few friends of mine, all of whom have had incredible results. I’ll be back for a nose job next! 🙂 Best of wishes, this Dr. is the best in the Little Rock area, undoubtedly.

My abs looks better today than they did when I was in my early thirties.

Dear Dr. Branman, I am a sixty year old male patient, and the surgery that you performed on me has exceeded my expectations. I work out every day and feel like I am in the prime of my life. I HAD a spare tire around my waist line that I had HAD for years and a stretched and unsightly belly button because of it. This affected my self-esteem, which in turn affected my job performance in the sales area of my business. When I first viewed the results of my surgery, I could not believe my eyes. My abs looks better today than they did when I was in my early thirties. Now, my self-esteem is back. I feel like a totally different person, and my quality of life has been improved. Thank you, A Very Satisfied Male Customer

He always puts his patient first.

I could not be more pleased as one of Dr. Rhys Branman’s patients. He did an excellent job on my tummy tuck and on my breast augmentation! He has a wonderful bedside manner as a physician and as well as a wonderful staff that treats you with the utmost dignity and respect. I have always had confidence in myself but so much more now than ever, thanks to Dr. Branman.

For a 48 year old woman to look and feel 15 years younger after five children I am now able to once again, wear a bikini and be proud of the way I look and feel. I would highly recommend Dr.Rhys Branman to any woman for plastic surgery. He is a very articulate, self sufficient and one of a kind surgeon in his field who always puts his patients first. I cannot thank him enough for making me feel like a special woman; not only for myself but for my husband as well.

Dr. Branman has changed my life.

Dr. Branman has changed my life. I will never be able to thank him enough for giving me the confidence that I was lacking for so long. He and his staff have worked something just short of a miracle for me. I thank each and every one of you for making a difference in my life. I can’t wait until my follow up appointment for you to be able to see the smile you have put on my face.

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