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Four Fab Options for Building Your Custom Daddy Do-Over

September 14, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD

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What is a Daddy Do-Over?

A daddy do-over is a tailored combination of surgical and non-surgical facial and body treatments designed especially with men in mind. While men don’t go through pregnancy and childbirth, their bodies also change with the advent of fatherhood.

If you are a dad, you are probably familiar with the lifestyle changes that come with the territory: eating a kid-friendly (i.e. less healthy) diet, not having time for exercise, and often being short on sleep. These and other factors are likely to take a toll on your body and you may find yourself longing to get your pre-parent physique back.

While there are a host of choices, and a daddy do-over can be completely tailored to your needs, the combo often includes surgical body contouring (liposuction, tummy tucks, and male breast reduction) plus some non-surgical procedures like laser hair removal, Botox, and facial resurfacing.

Think of this suite of treatments as the male version of the mommy makeover. Dr. Branman and his team at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery love to help men match how they feel on the inside with how they look on the outside!

How many men get plastic surgery?

In recent years, cosmetic and plastic surgeons have performed more than 200,000 surgical procedures per year on men. Rhinoplasty was the most popular, followed by eyelid surgery, and then liposuction. Male breast reduction (gynecomastia treatment) ranked number four. Additionally, each year, men receive more than one million non-surgical procedures, the most common being BOTOX.

For any of you fathers (and men without kids too!) researching the best face and body procedures, here’s a rundown of four options we often recommend.

Do men get liposuction?

Yes, men get liposuction—in fact, it’s one of their most-chosen procedures. Keep in mind that liposuction is not for weight-loss; it’s designed to reshape body contour. Liposuction can remove stubborn excess fat deposits where most men carry them: in the waist, flanks, and back. The resulting changes are generally permanent, as long as your weight remains stable because the targeted fat cells have been removed from your body. (If you take on extra weight after having liposuction, it will be more likely to concentrate in other untreated areas.)

Your liposuction experience will vary quite a bit depending on the area of the body and the extent of work being done. Some liposuction procedures only require local anesthesia while others may require general anesthesia; recovery time also varies based on the volume of fat removed but is typically a couple of days to a week.

At Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Branman offers VASER liposuction (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance). Vaser Lipo isa newer body contouring method that uses ultrasonic energy to emulsify the fat before it’s removed. This treatment achieves superb liposuction results with considerably less swelling, bruising, and less down time. It also helps your skin contract to your new slimmer physique, so your results look smoother and more natural.

Tell me more about gynecomastia and treating male breasts

Gynecomastia is the medical term for male breasts. Even quite slim, youthful men can develop the condition due to hormonal and other issues, but gynecomastia becomes more common as men age and take on a bit of extra weight. Fat can easily accumulate in the chest area and be hard to shed.

As common as the condition is (30% or more of men have it), many men feel especially self-conscious about having a less traditionally masculine chest. The good news is it isn’t difficult to treat. After ruling out any possible underlying medical condition, a board certified cosmetic surgeon can use liposuction, sometimes augmented with surgical excision of tissue, to restore a firmer, flatter chest appearance. VASER Lipo works especially well for gynecomastia treatment because it is effective on more fibrous tissue.

Dr. Branman also specializes in an advanced male breast reduction technique called Tissue Removal Through Minimal Incisions (TRTMI™). By combining VASER liposuction with precise tissue excision, he can remove excess tissue to sculpt a naturally masculine chest shape with minimal downtime and virtually invisible scars.

Do men get facelifts? At what age?

Yes, men get facelifts! While BOTOX and other products claim to provide a “non-surgical facelift,” non-surgical treatment results are more subtle and largely temporary. When it comes to more permanent, long-lasting results, facelift surgery is still the best choice. A surgical facelift can also treat concerns non-surgical options can’t touch, such as jowling and neck laxity.

While you might think of a facelift as something for the over 60 crowd, men in their 40s and 50s also get them—and enjoy fantastic results. By getting a facelift beforeyou see dramatically sagging skin, your procedure takes less time, you recover more quickly, and the results look very natural. Whatever age you have the procedure, it will set the clock back on your facial appearance by a decade!

Dr. Branman often recommends the SmartLift to his male clients. It’s a less extensive surgical procedure than a classic facelift. If you don’t need extensive lifting and reshaping, SmartLift is an option with a smaller incision and less recovery time. SmartLift can address these issues with great results:

  • Excess fat underneath the chin
  • Heavy jowls that camouflage jawline definition
  • Wrinkles and creases on the neck
  • Deep lines from the mouth to the chin

Non-surgical Daddy Do-Over Additions

Is there Botox for men?

Yes, men get Botox—almost half a million of them in 2018! There’s no doubt that aging, stress, and the demands of parenting change a man’s face. BOTOX® for men, sometimes referred to as “Brotox,” is a great way to combat the worn out, worried look men get as deep creases develop in the upper face. Botox works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses into the overactive facial muscles that, over time, cause wrinkles and creases to form.

Laser hair removal for men

Feeling a little grizzly or overgrown? Get touchably smooth skin on the back, chest, or anywhere on the face or body with laser hair removal. The most popular treatment areas for men are the ears, back, and chest, though we can safely remove hair from almost anywhere on the face or body.

Dermal fillers for men

If you’re looking for non-surgical procedures to restore volume and youthful-looking skin, we recommend dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm® and Restylane® to reduce deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the nose and mouth.

Thinking about taking the leap?

Whether you’re convinced the Daddy Do-Over is for you or are researching any other cosmetic surgery procedure, make sure to choose a board certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience and proven skill in the techniques you’re interested in. Dr. Branman is certified by both the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and The American Board of Maxillofacial Surgeryand has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries.

Come check out Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery

We welcome you to come see us at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery! We would love to explain our menu of treatments uniquely tailored to men and provide personalized recommendations for you. Our financing and payment options can help make upgrading your appearance a reality.

For more information, contact us online or simply call the office at 501-227-0707 to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation.

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