Juvéderm® Little Rock

Updated October 20, 2017

logo-juvederm-xcJuvéderm® is an FDA approved dermal filler used for correcting mild to moderate facial lines and creases. Composed of hyaluronic acid gel, Juvéderm® is smooth and remarkably effective in the treatment of facial depressions, deep wrinkles, facial folds, and forehead furrows.

Why Use Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are agents used to add volume to the skin and tissue through cosmetic injection; Juvéderm® is surely one of the most popular of these agents.

We often recommend Juvéderm® to help patients with the following:

  • Treatment of nasolabial (nasal-labial) folds or smile lines
  • Treatment of glabellar furrows i.e. lines between eyebrows
  • Lip augmentation
  • Restoring volume to the cheeks

The Juvéderm® Injection Procedure

Injection at our office is quick and comfortable. Dr. Branman or our nurse injector, Leslie Harmon, RN, BSN, CPSN, injects Juvéderm® with an ultra fine needle, taking extra care to ensure proper placement of the filler. The injection site will sometimes appear fuller than desired immediately after treatment, but will settle down rapidly.

Juvéderm® Results

Hyaluronic acid commonly lasts about 6-12 months before it is absorbed by the body.  Ask us about combining Juvéderm® with BOTOX® treatment to get a superior aesthetic result.

How much does Juvéderm® cost in Little Rock?

The price of Juvéderm® does vary by the individual needs of the patient and how many syringes are used. We frequently have specials and deals for Juvéderm®, which you can find on our specials page. We are happy to share pricing information for Juvéderm® with you over the phone. Call 501.227.0707 for more information.

Brilliant Distinctions BOTOX®, Juvéderm®, & Latisse® Rewards Program

Earn reward points each time you get BOTOX® Cosmetic and/or JUVÉDERM® XC treatments, or purchase a box of Latisse®.

Rebates are instantly awarded, there’s no mailing to do. Your reward points are emailed to you immediately after you have a treatment.

Treatment Rewards

  • $20 reward value for each BOTOX® treatment
  • $20 for each syringe of Juvéderm®
  • $10 to $15 for every Latisse® kit purchased

These rewards can be used as cash toward any future treatment, even in conjunction with rebates and special treatment offers from The Cosmetic Surgery of Little Rock.

To learn more about Juvéderm®, contact our office today.

For more information, contact us online or simply call the office at 501-227-0707 to schedule a consultation.