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Could Latisse Also Help Fill In Your Brows? Studies Point to Yes

October 13, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD


Have you heard of Latisse®? If so, you may know that it’s the only FDA approved product that can help you grow fuller, longer and darker eyelashes. Our Little Rock patients who use Latisse  love what they see and rave about how effective it is.

If you’ve ever wished there were a “Latisse for eyebrows,” we bet you’ll be happy to hear that it might be approved for exactly that use in the future!

Recently, a scientific study put Latisse to the test to see if it would have a similar effect. The verdict? Latisse shows promise to help grow out eyebrows too!

More than 77% of study participants who received Latisse experienced significant improvement in eyebrow fullness

The study, first published in Dermatologic Surgery, involved 357 adults with sparse or very sparse eyebrows. Participants were divided into three groups: one receiving Latisse to the eyebrows twice a day, one receiving Latisse once per day, and one receiving a placebo or “vehicle” treatment. After 7 months, more than 77% of the participants who received Latisse experienced a significant improvement in fullness and darkening of eyebrow hairs compared to only 43% of the control group. As for safety, incidence of adverse effects were low and roughly the same regardless of whether a patient received Latisse or a placebo.

It’s exciting to learn about a possible new benefit of this tried-and-true treatment. For those of us who spend extra time each day carefully pencilling in sparse eyebrows with make-up, Latisse may be the most promising option yet to get naturally fuller brows. Knowing how well Latisse works to transform eyelashes from sparse to long and lush in just a couple of months of use, this is definitely a story we’ll be watching.

This is great news—but don’t put any on your brows yet!

If you currently use Latisse for eyelash enhancement, please resist any temptation to experiment on your own brows. While the study did not indicate an increased safety risk with Latisse when used on the eyebrows, further research is needed before the medical community can confirm that Latisse is safe for others to use as an effective eyebrow growth treatment. So in the meantime, keep using Latisse only as directed by your doctor.

Looking for other safe and effective ways to improve the appearance of your eyes or lashes? Talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Latisse is only available through licensed physicians, plus a cosmetic surgeon can help you learn about the full range of options for treating your cosmetic concerns.

If you are in the Little Rock area, give us a call. Dr. Branman will be glad to hear about your goals and offer treatment options at a personal consultation.


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