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Breast Asymmetry Corrected at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

January 15, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD

Breast Lift Image - Little Rock Cosmetic SurgeryAsymmetry of the breasts is a flaw many women who come to Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery want corrected. Most people do not have perfectly symmetrical features. You may have seen photographs of faces that demonstrate this by creating a full face portrait with two pictures of the same side of the face. In fact, take a look at this, there is even an app to make symmetrical photographs of your face! Unless a person’s face is extremely asymmetrical, the slight asymmetry is what often gives the face character. However, we know that symmetry and proportion are the basic ingredients of beauty. Asymmetry of the breast can be psychologically damaging for some women by affecting self image and self-esteem, not to mention frustrating when buying clothing. But do remember this, asymmetry is natural. No human body is perfectly anatomically symmetrical.

However, most patients are not happy with their asymmetrical breasts. There are several ways to correct for breast asymmetry depending on the nature of the difference. If the breasts are asymmetrical due to ptosis or sagging of one breast more than the other, we can offer a breast lift at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center. If the asymmetry is in volume, the options might be a small implant placed in the smaller breast, or a breast reduction for the larger breast. Last year a study confirmed that breast implants in conjunction with breast lifts were generally as successful and complication free as a simple breast augmentation. If you are a candidate for a breast lift with breast augmentation the asymmetry can be corrected for with an eye to the overall proportion and symmetry of the chest. Sort of a breast overhaul to address several problems at once such as sagging, volume and asymmetry.

There are a few things to keep in mind about these procedures. The breast are not finished fully developing until your mid 20s. Also, weight gain or loss and pregnancy will affect the size and sometimes the symmetry of your breasts. In fact, breast asymmetry may have been caused by one of these events, if it was not congenital. So keep in mind if you intend to get pregnant in the future, you may want to correct your breast asymmetry after that. If you intend to lose a great deal of weight, you may want to wait for surgery. If indeed pregnancy was the culprit causing your breast asymmetry, you might even choose a Mommy Makeover.

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