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Water Bottle Blues

August 26, 2019 - Rhys Branman, MD

by guest blogger Circe Santaniello

 Water Bottle Photo - Cosmetic Surgery Center

Decisions, decisions! I think it was Shakespeare who wrote, “To drink or not to drink, that is the question.” Or something like that. I just hate it when I have to change my beauty regime. Now skin experts warn that drinking from water bottles could cause premature aging. You know, those dynamic wrinkles caused by repetitive motion can turn to static wrinkles over time. We all knew sucking on those cigarettes caused tiny wrinkles above the lips, but water bottles? And you thought you were protecting your skin by staying hydrated and getting off the nicotine.

Actually, this is the good news because there is an island of plastic that is not biodegradable in the Pacific Ocean. So if we can just cut down on the use of plastics, we will not only save our environment, but perhaps our upper lips too! If you could kick the habit of smoking, you can kick the habit of sucking sports water bottles. Experts say to drink from something with a wider mouth, something with more girth. Maybe, oh what do they call those things again. . . cups? It’s true, everyone from Zumba instructors to dermatologists now warn about the dangers of repetitive puckering. Even Jezebel magazine warns of the despair victims of water bottle sucking are experiencing. One doctor stated, “A generation of women are now experiencing this tragedy we knew nothing about.” A famous Viennese psychologist believes that those who have developed the bottle sucking habit may have been deprived of being breastfed as infants. In fact, he suggests that the deep wrinkles that develop are caused by re?traumatized tissue of the upper lip that began with bottle sucking in infancy.

You may be one of these victims of the two decade bottle sucking trend. You may be thinking “Too late! The damage is already done!” Well that’s why we all line up for BOTOX®, right? Yes, BOTOX®, laser resurfacing and dermal fillers are the treatments of choice to stave off those lines on your upper lip cause by sucking on water bottles.

The truth is any repetitive motion on the face from laughing to frowning to sucking on water bottles will ultimately cause deep wrinkles. Although we may laugh that a healthy habit of hydrating from the wrong container can cause problems, the wrinkles are very annoying. However, there is help! Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center offers all three above mentioned treatments, BOTOX®, laser resurfacing, and dermal fillers. So don’t despair, ladies, give a call and see what Dr. Branman can do for you!

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Thanks to shrff14 for the image of water bottles.

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