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The Best Questions to Ask Your Doctor…Including Your Cosmetic Surgeon

January 16, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD

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A simple visit to the doctor is an intimidating experience for some. The sterile environment, the way some doctors seem emotionally detached, and digesting new medical terminology add up to a potentially stressful event. And even if you feel relaxed, it’s common to forget to ask your most important questions!

Going to the right doctor or cosmetic surgeon can put your mind at ease, but it also helps to have your questions written down ahead of time. Medium recently published some helpful questions to consider asking during your appointment. Here are a few highlights.

What’s the most common cause of my symptoms?

Ask your doctor what the most common cause of your symptoms might be. Then follow up by asking what the most serious cause could be. Additionally, if the cause is unclear, you can ask if tests may be necessary to narrow down the possibilities.

Asking the right questions will help you put things in perspective and give your doctor an opportunity to say if the issue shouldn’t cause you undue worry.

For example, if you recently had breast augmentation and are still experiencing breast sensitivity, it could have you worried—so be sure to tell your doctor during a follow up appointment. When asked, your surgeon will likely say the most common cause is post-surgical healing, but they should also examine you to be sure it’s not something more serious such as an infection or complication.

A great way to follow up is to ask, “how concerned should I be?” This will give your doctor an opportunity to express if the issue shouldn’t cause you undue worry or, on the other hand, if follow up care is necessary.

Ask the weird question that’s been on your mind

Many patients won’t ask a question if they fear it will sound “weird.” People are particularly reluctant to ask questions (or tell about symptoms) related to what they feel are private matters, such as digestive, mental, and sexual health. Or they may obscure detail with euphemisms rather than delivering important details that can help guide treatment.

But these questions are often quite important—and doctors are trained to respectfully listen and appropriately respond to what can seem like embarrassing questions (and they’ve very likely heard it all before!).

Sharing mental health concerns isn’t just for your therapist; your cosmetic surgeon also needs to know how you feel about the procedure, what your hopes are, or if another person is pressuring you to have surgery.

For example, it is very important for mommy makeover patients to discuss questions related to any of the above subjects before and after surgery. Sharing mental health concerns isn’t just for your therapist; your cosmetic surgeon also needs to know how you feel about the procedure, what your hopes are, or if another person is pressuring you in any way. Another example is asking when you can have sex again after surgery. This is a very important question and knowing the answer (which can vary from patient to patient) could save you from compromising your results.

Remember, there are no stupid questions

When it comes to your health, there are no stupid questions. If you are worried your doctor will judge you for asking an honest question, they’re probably not a good fit for you in the first place.

If you’re wondering about cosmetic surgery, a great place to start is with an in-person consultation. Dr. Branman is an award-winning Little Rock cosmetic surgeon known for taking the time to listen and providing thoughtful care through to surgery and recovery. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

Want to see more questions you might ask at a doctor’s visit? Read the full article here for the complete list.

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