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New Silicone Breast Implants for Smaller Women

March 8, 2018 - Rhys Branman, MD

The Mentor Company has done it again. Now Mentor’s Advanced MemoryGel is included in a new product particularly helpful for smaller women: the Ultra High Profile implant introduced last year. MemoryGel does not resemble a liquid or even a semi-liquid. MemoryGel is a firm cohesive gel that holds together uniformly and most nearly mimics breast tissue in texture, so it feels very natural. This extremely cohesive gel not only fits into the contour of women’s chest’s better, but also can give more projection while still looking extremely natural. Previously, breast implants have been offered in three width/depth ratio shapes. Wider implants have not been as comfortable for smaller women. The new Ultra High Profile implant that Mentor is offering gives comfort and projection for smaller woman. These are great for any woman looking for projection without width.

Mentor’s Ultra High Profile Breast Implant

Mentor Ultra High Profile Breast Implant

Mentor makes four basic shapes of implants, each with a different “footprint.” The lower profile implants cover more chest area, and the highest profile the least chest area. This gives women options. So although the implant sizes are of the same volume, the shape varies. Wider at the bottom or against the chest wall, less projection, and narrower at the chest wall with more projection. Women can choose the size and depth they prefer when being professionally fitted. With a narrower base, the new Ultra High Profile Mentor implants also help prevent creating so much cleavage that definition is lost resulting in the “uni-boob” look, as some have dubbed it, technically known as symmastia. High profile implants tend to have a rounder, fuller look.

It is important that an implant fit your chest wall and frame. Therefore, Mentor’s Moderate / Moderate Classic Profile, Moderate Plus Profile, and High Profiles have always pleased women with different sized frames, and now the Ultra High Profile implants that are available are exceptional for women with the smallest frames. Petite patients will love these.

Classic Profile                           Moderate Plus Profile                      High Profile

Mentor Classic Profile Breast ImplantMentor Moderate Plus Profile Breast ImplantMentor High Profile Breast Implant

As with any implant, women seeking this new implant need to be fitted properly by a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Women must be over age 22 to have silicone implants. If you are a petite woman seeking breast augmentation, Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center offers a full array of Mentor products. Now Mentor’s Ultra High Profile implants are available here, too.

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2 thoughts on “New Silicone Breast Implants for Smaller Women

  1. Tom joyce says:

    I am interested in your new breast implants do you have for my wife

    1. caketeam says:

      Hi Tom,

      We’d love to help. Give us a call at (501) 227-0707 or use our contact form attached below and we’ll be happy to set up a consultation. Thank you.

      Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center


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