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How Many of These Anti-Aging Myths Do You Believe?

August 26, 2019 - Rhys Branman, MD

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One quick Google search for anti-aging tips will have you questioning your entire skincare routine—and wondering if you’ve doomed yourself with years of bad habits. Refinery29 asked the experts to sort the bonafide from the bogus when it comes to anti-aging advice. The verdict?

Much of what’s circulating online is hooey—and there’s a good chance that the habit you’re being told is making you look old is really #NBD. A few of our favorite fact-checks from the article, to help you quit fretting…

How you apply your moisturizer doesn’t matter

The Myth: Make sure you put your facial products on using an upward motion; otherwise, all that pulling down will make your skin sag and you’ll wrinkle early.

Fact: According to most experts, how you apply makeup, moisturizer, or serum is up to you. Whatever motion you choose, it’s not frequent or forceful enough to cause any damage to skin.

How well you sleep is more important than what position you sleep in

The Myth: Scared of wrinkles? Some people are claiming you will get them from sleeping on your side, and even worse, that one side of your face will suffer more.

Fact: Though it seems logical that you’d develop permanent wrinkles after years of squashing your face on your pillow each night, don’t lose sleep over it! Any long-term impact your sleep position may have on your appearance is minor. In truth, your quality of sleep is a far bigger factor in how haggard or well-rested you look—it’s called beauty sleep for good reason.

Your phone is not making you look old

Fiction: A sprinkling of small studies have come out suggesting that looking at your phone all the time might (just maybe) cause your eyesight to fade, make your skin wrinkly, etc.

Fact: So far, we only have anecdotal evidence that reading your phone can degrade your vision, and even these reported effects are temporary. If anything, reading your phone in bed every night may interfere with your beauty sleep (see above), but the phone itself will not age you.

To maintain your youthful look, there’s no substitute for excellent skin care

Not a Myth at ALL! A high-quality, daily skincare routine already including cleansing, antioxidants, moisturizing, and application of broad spectrum SPF offers the best insurance against premature aging. And, when it comes to choosing the right products for your skin type and concerns, the help of an experienced skincare professional can make a world of difference.

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