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Healthy Eating & Your Skin

January 16, 2020 - Rhys Branman, MD

While it’s true that laser resurfacing and various light treatments such as Thermage can set the clock back on your face by increasing collagen growth and tightening the skin, there is nothing better for your skin than preventative care! Let’s talk about healthy eating and your skin. Then you can decide on a plan to maintain those results if you decide upon Thermage at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center. We already know that hydration, using sunscreen, and not smoking will forestall wrinkles, but eventually skin does age. Here are some foods that can help:

  • Seafood contains Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. These can reduce dryness and inflammation, which always cause skin to age faster! It has been proven that zinc helps with healing. Interestingly, it was in the medic tents during the Vietnam war that this was tested. Wound healing is faster when there is enough zinc in your diet. It seems that zinc can also help eczema and psoriasis (by preventing the inflammation) and even help fight acne! So try to incorporate salmon and oysters into your diet. Eating fish seems natural while you’re at the beach this summer anyway.

  • Vitamin C helps fight those noxious free radicals you may have heard of! So eat plenty of citrus fruit. You can add some other foods high in vitamin C to your salads too. Did you know red bell peppers have more vitamin C than green ones? Again, Vitamin C helps your skin.

  • Deep red and green veggies are chock full of Vitamin A also. This is another anti oxidant that helps your skin stay younger looking. Summer’s hot weather just begs for cool salads on the menu.

  • Vitamin E can help your skin stay soft. We’re talking nuts, here, almonds have the most!

So these are just a few healthy eating tips to keep your skin healthy. You may want to keep this in mind to maintain the results of non invasive cosmetic procedures, such as Thermage, which is great for a summer treatment. Thermage was developed to tighten skin without surgery and all skin colors can be safely and effectively treated. Arkansas patients wanting Thermage during the summer months can come into Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center for their consultation.

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Thanks to epSos.de for a great picture of a healthy foods for your skin!

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