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Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship Awarded to University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Student

May 5, 2022 - Rhys Branman, MD

Dr. Branman Announces first Scholarship Winner

Dr. Rhys Branman has awarded the 2021-2022 scholarship to medical student Lane Tupa, an Arkansas native.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 15, 2022 (PRNewswire) — Rhys Branman, MD and the team at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center are pleased to announce they have awarded the first annual Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship to Lane Tupa, a first-year medical student pursuing his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

“We are proud to have a small part in supporting Lane’s endeavors to improve medicine in Arkansas,” said Dr. Branman. “We have a widespread need to retain our home-grown talent, and as an intelligent, thoughtful, and personable medical student with a special interest in serving rural communities, Lane is the ideal recipient for this scholarship.”

The Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship is designed to alleviate some of the cost burdens of pursuing a medical degree for students interested in serving rural Arkansas. Recipients have the opportunity to use the $2,500 scholarship award for costs related to pursuing their degree, such as tuition, supplies and textbooks, required technology, transportation costs, or housing. Mr. Tupa says that he plans to use the award toward the cost of tuition.

Dr. Branman Shaking Hands with First Annual Scholarship Winner

The Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship is intended to encourage the next generation of Arkansas medical providers to serve in rural areas of the state.

While the scholarship received applications from students throughout Arkansas, Dr. Branman said that Mr. Tupa’s application stood out because of his keen interest in rural health issues facing Arkansas communities.

“Lane is a promising student who I am confident will improve healthcare in Arkansas,” said Dr. Branman. “I see this as an investment in our collective future.”

During his time as an undergraduate at Henderson State University, Mr. Tupa was a high academic achiever who was highly regarded by his professors. He also served as president of the Pre-medical Student Club and treasurer of the Chemistry Club. In addition to being well-prepared for medical school academics, the scholarship recipient says that his upbringing in rural Arkansas has given him insight into the difficulties that face both patients and doctors in those areas.

“People are raised with the belief that you should not go to the doctor unless it is an emergency… This way of thinking is only reinforced by physician shortages and places with high levels of poverty. If someone has to drive an hour to see a doctor, there’s a better chance they’ll decide to just put it off and deal with the consequences later. This is especially true if they are going to have to take off work to go to an appointment,” Mr. Tupa said. “I hope that I’m able to help fill the gap in healthcare access that’s present in many rural communities like the one that I grew up in.”

He added that he takes a caring, patient approach to each new person that he meets. “In my experience, if you take enough time, you will usually be able to find at least one thing in common with most people, and I think that’s really the first step into understanding them as a person.”

Dr. Branman founded the Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship to encourage the next generation of Arkansas medical providers to serve rural areas, where demand for primary care grows faster than supply. The scholarship will be offered annually to a first-year medical or nursing student committed to practicing in rural Arkansas. Interested candidates may learn more and check the status of the next scholarship cycle by visiting https://www.littlerockcosmeticsurgery.com/arkansas-rural-health-scholarship/.

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