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6 Things You Didn’t Know About BOTOX

October 20, 2017 - Rhys Branman, MD

BOTOXThe history of BOTOX® is a fascinating journey. This revolutionary, anti-aging treatment has helped millions of people look refreshed and more youthful, but did you know that it can also be used to treat migraines and may even keep the heart steady after bypass surgery?

Read on to discover a few surprising facts about BOTOX.

1. BOTOX Goes Way Back

Botulinum toxin (the active ingredient in BOTOX) was first investigated in the 1820s when food poisoning was a serious concern. Understanding the biological properties of this seemingly harmful toxin was mainly focused on preventing the spread of disease. It took nearly 150 years for researchers to realize that the power of this toxin could be harnessed for beneficial results, including treating crossed eyes and eye spasms.

2. BOTOX’s Anti-Aging Properties Were Discovered by Accident  

It wasn’t until 1987 that dermatologist Dr. Alastair Carruthers and his wife, ophthalmologist Dr. Jean Carruthers, first realized that the injections they were using to treat eye spasms were also reducing wrinkles in their patients.

This coincidence was so surprising that Dr. Jean Carruthers injected herself to see if the treatment worked. It was indeed effective, and so the Carruthers continued with safety research for several years. By the mid-90s, BOTOX treatments had gained wide popularity, touted by celebrities and people of all walks of life as a game-changing treatment.

3. More Than 6 Million BOTOX Injections Are Administered Each Year

It’s no secret that many men and women rely on BOTOX to keep a smooth, young appearance—but you may not realize how many. In 2014 alone, almost 4 million BOTOX injections were administered cosmetically, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The number keeps rising each year, indicating that a wide range of people are adding BOTOX to their anti-aging routines. Among them are a growing number of men who choose BOTOX (“Brotox”) to keep their faces looking smooth and relaxed as they age.

4. BOTOX Can Treat Excessive Sweating

Beyond providing stunning cosmetic results, there are also many medical uses for BOTOX. Excessive sweating is an embarrassing hassle for many men and women, but BOTOX has been proven to fight even the most severe cases. For those whose bodies don’t respond to prescription antiperspirants or other medical interventions, BOTOX can be an effective alternative.

5. Chronic Migraine Sufferers Can Get Relief From BOTOX

When injected into a muscle, BOTOX works by halting communication between nerves and muscles, effectively allowing the muscle to relax. The same reaction that makes BOTOX such a great option for expression-based wrinkles also makes it effective for treating migraines and cluster headaches. Injections in specific points along the bridge of the nose, the temples, the forehead, the back of the head, the neck, and the upper back can have a remarkable impact on some patients’ chronic migraines, lessening or even eliminating migraine symptoms.

6. New Medical Uses for BOTOX Are Still Being Discovered

The medical community has taken note of BOTOX’s safety and efficacy. Cutting edge research indicates that BOTOX might even help prevent irregular heart rhythms (A-fib) after bypass surgery. A-fib is fairly common after bypass surgery and a significant concern for both patients and physicians after surgery. More research needs to be conducted, but studies are showing that BOTOX may help prevent this troublesome complication.

How Can BOTOX Help You?

Anyone concerned with expression-based wrinkles might find BOTOX is the perfect fix. It is a great way to prolong the need for more invasive anti-aging procedures, or it can complement results of any surgical procedures you have. Little Rock facelift patients often follow up with BOTOX injections to smooth the upper face.

Dr. Rhys Branman and his team have many years of experience providing patients with beautiful and safe BOTOX treatments in Little Rock. If you’d like to learn more about BOTOX Cosmetic or schedule a treatment, contact us today to set up a consultation!


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