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3 Dangerous Beauty Hacks You Should Avoid

May 1, 2018 - Rhys Branman, MD

Who doesn’t love a good DIY? Whether you’re addicted to home projects featured on Pinterest or are a die-hard homemade beauty product enthusiast, it’s important to be discerning when it comes to internet tutorials.

While there are a few DIY beauty hacks that’ll work in a pinch, numerous tips and tricks can cause lasting harm—and it’s important to know what to look out for. Self.com recently highlighted some of the most bogus beauty tips and why you should avoid them—and we wanted to share a few with you.

1. DIY facial peels & blackhead removers

No skin treatment should have glue as an ingredient, period. But if you spend any time on Instagram or follow beauty YouTubers, chances are you’ve seen a surge of recipes for DIY peeling masks that include Elmer’s glue as a key component. Sure, this classroom staple is technically non-toxic and playing with dried up glue was a thrill as a kindergartener, but we seriously don’t recommend slathering it on your face.

Not only should you avoid products that weren’t formulated to be used on your skin, but any peel-off face masks should be approached with caution—particularly from unfamiliar brands. Often, these products adhere too tightly to the skin, which not only makes for a painful peeling experience, it can also cause irritation or inflammation and remove the natural (and necessary) oils and sebum from your skin, leaving your pores wide open and ready to be clogged.

Try this instead…

To enjoy baby-soft skin, try a real chemical peel administered by an experienced professional. This treatment has been around for many years and has helped many patients soften signs of aging, improve the tone and texture of their skin, and clear up blemishes. Medical-grade chemical peels come in varying strengths and are customizable to your unique needs, so you don’t run the same risk as DIY treatments of exacerbating your concerns. Plus, a healthcare provider knows how to safely apply and neutralize the product and care for your skin after treatment to avoid irritation.

2. Toothpaste for pimples

Have you ever felt a zit coming on and reached for the toothpaste? You’re not alone—it’s common lore that adding a drop of minty fresh paste will dry up that lurker before it can fully take hold. Unfortunately, the truth is that dab of Colgate could be making things much worse. While it’s true that toothpaste has drying properties, drying out your skin can lead to further irritation—and the menthol in toothpaste can trigger an inflammation that will escalate that baby zit into a full-on monster pimple or, worse, lead to a larger breakout.

Try this instead…

If you’re insecure about chronic battles with acne or your face’s propensity to flare up right before a big date, don’t fret. There are a number of safe and effective treatments and products to help clear up breakouts without furthering the problem. We recommend HydraFacials for congested skin, calming facials to soothe irritation, and medical-grade, at-home products to help improve the overall health of your skin long-term.

3. Raiding the spice cabinet for fuller lips

While cinnamon and cayenne pepper can be wonderful additions to recipes, they have no business being on your face. Believe it or not, some beauty DIYers didn’t get the memo and are attempting to use these zesty spices to plump the lips. But like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, this beauty hack is actually just inflaming your lips and harming your skin. It’s also not very effective—lips will return to their normal size not long after wiping off the spice, and you’ll still be dealing with residual irritation.

Try this instead…

The only way to get fuller lips that look natural and last for an extended period of time is to have them professionally enhanced. Our patients love the volume and definition they get from injectable lip fillers, and we love being able to produce a consistent, natural-looking result.

Before you try it, talk to a professional

Now that you know many DIY skincare tips can make your skin worse, we hope you’ll chat with us instead of trying beauty vlogger YouTube tutorials. We’ll learn about your goals and recommend treatment options that will work for your skin type. Contact us today to learn more.

Wondering what other hacks made the “avoid at all costs” list? Read the full article.

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