Stubborn Fat and Loose Belly Skin? Time For A Tummy Tuck, Little Rock Arkansas!


Loose skin on the belly does not just go away. Many people have achieved their ideal weight, yet retain excess fat or skin around the torso that simply does not respond to exercise and diet. This is particularly true if the person has lost a large amount of weight.  Residual areas of fat respond well to liposuction¸ excess skin can be removed with a tummy tuck. A combination of a tummy tuck and liposuction can restore your youthful or pre pregnancy belly, after you have lost a lot of weight or had a baby. Sometimes, we can do a mini-tummy tuck.

Let me explain the procedure. During an abdominoplasty (the technical name for a tummy tuck) a horizontal incision is made just below the bikini line, often extending out to the hip bones. A full abdominoplasty also requires that I make an incision around the navel so that the excess skin above it can be pulled down. In this way the excess skin above the navel can be worked with and tightened as well. This will not change position of the navel. After the liposuction to remove excess fat,  and the precise incisions are made, the skin is lifted.  Then the loose underlying tissue, muscle fascia, and muscles are brought together and sutured to tighten them. This is what tightens the abdominal wall and is the part of the procedure that corrects diastasis, the separation of the abdominal muscles from pregnancy. The skin, which has been lifted and carefully measured in order to remove the correct amount of redundant abdominal skin, is then removed. If you have stretch marks, this will smooth them out and improve their appearance, but they will not disappear. However, any stretch marks on the skin to be removed will be completely gone.

A partial abdominoplasty or mini- tummy tuck, involves smaller incisions. The actual incision shape, in any tummy tuck, will depend upon your body and just how much skin you need removed, but we will discuss and plan this in our consultations together. With a partial abdominoplasty, cosmetic surgeon only remove excess skin on the lower belly, and the underlying tissue, muscle fascia, and muscles are not involved. Consequently, this procedure requires less recovery time. For Arkansas patients seeking a tummy tuck, Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center is known for precision and personalized care during consultations and surgery. I want to make sure you get your goals met.

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Posted October 16, 2012

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