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December 2, 2013 - Rhys Branman, MD

Doctor HandshakeGone are the days of the friendly, fatherly doctors, even in family practice, but it is nice to know your surgeon cares. Occasionally, patients have come to Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center after having a consultation somewhere else, or they had cosmetic surgery previously in another state. Sometimes they tell us how they have experienced surgeons who unfortunately came across as arrogant or even rude. This has always been surprising to me because cosmetic surgery is elective surgery; one would think a little bedside manner would be in order. Beyond a license and experience, what should you look for when you are evaluating a cosmetic surgeon?

Hopefully, you have already done your research and know about the surgeon’s license, and the accreditation of the facility. It is only after these critical safety issues that a patient should take bedside manner into consideration. You want a surgeon who is personable, and concentrates on you, not small talk about himself. You should expect courtesy and respect from all the staff, but particularly from your surgeon. You certainly do not want to feel like a number either. Make a note of how long you have to wait. Generally, pay attention to how you feel. Do you feel like you are being “sold” extra procedures or do you feel heard? Ultimately, the medical care, information, and a clear honest assessment of your candidacy for a procedure, are the most important factors in choosing a surgeon. You want the most qualified surgeon, and you want to feel comfortable. Your cosmetic surgeon should be empathetic and accessible, but remember, the medicine comes first! He or she should talk surgery, not golf.

Cosmetic surgery is very individual. There are no formulas. Not only is each patient’s goals and expectations different, but so are patients’ emotional make ups. At Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center, we try hard to tune into your needs. I not only want to hear exactly what you want, so that I can assess you, but I try to empathetically listen for underlying concerns that you may be afraid to voice. I want to encourage you not to be afraid to voice exactly what you want, any concerns about the procedure or the results, or recovery. The staff at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center wants to make sure you feel at home, southern style! So whether you are seeking breast augmentation or BOTOX®, at Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center you will get first rate care and a good bedside manner to match.

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