Breast Implants in Little Rock, AR

Updated November 22, 2019

So you’ve decided you’d like to have breast augmentation, and that means you’ll soon be choosing your breast implants. Today, you have more options than ever in saline, silicone gel, and shaped “gummy bear” silicone implants to help you achieve just the right boost in breast size. You don’t have to make this choice alone—Dr. Branman and our staff will go over options with you during your consultation. Here are a few things you will discuss at your appointment.

What are the different breast implant options?

The type of breast implant you choose is very important. Not only does the type of implant affect the appearance of your breasts after surgery, but also the way your breasts feel, and even the chance of complications arising after the surgery. Before getting breast implants, patients should be well-informed.

While considering what type of breast implant is best for you, Dr. Branman will listen to your expectations, goals and concerns, measure your chest, rib cage, and shoulder dimensions, and help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different implant sizes, shapes, filling material, and textures.

Silicone vs. saline breast implants

Breast implants can be filled with either silicone gel or a sterile saline solution. Saline breast implants have been used safely for decades and offer a cost-effective implant option that achieves an aesthetically pleasing, fuller breast contour for many women.

Silicone breast implants have quickly gained popularity with our Arkansas breast augmentation patients. The latest generation of cohesive silicone gel is considered safe and offers a very natural feel to the augmented breasts. With the new highly cohesive (a.k.a. gummy bear) options now arriving on the market, patients have more options than ever to personalize their look for the breast shape and size they desire.

Should I choose shaped or round breast implants?

Breast implants can be either round or contoured. Round breast implants are designed to move freely in the pocket, while contoured implants are shaped like a teardrop and are designed to stay stationary in the breast implant pocket. Round implants are the most common implant and can offer a very natural looking, fuller breast.

Contoured breast implants were developed for women undergoing breast reconstruction who wanted a breast implant that resembled the natural shape of a breast, but have quickly become a popular option for cosmetic breast surgery, especially with patients seeking a more sloping breast contour.

Are textured breast implants a good option?

Breast implants can be either smooth or textured. Textured implants have a thicker shell and are designed to not move around in the breast implant pocket. Smooth breast implants are designed so that they can move and rotate within the breast implant pocket.

Although they were originally developed to help prevent capsular contracture, there is no concrete evidence that textured implants actually reduce the occurrence of this complication. Choosing an implant size that is appropriate for your body is, however, important for reducing your risk of capsular contracture.

Learn More About Little Rock breast implant options with Dr. Branman

What do saline implants feel like? Is your desired cup size a good way to determine your implant size? Dr. Branman explains the advantages of each implant type and demystifies breast augmentation size options on Good Morning Arkansas:

If you’re ready to discuss your options for breast enlargement, come see us for a consultation with Dr. Branman. You will even get to try on different implants to see how you might look after augmentation. Call us today to get started!

For more information, contact us online or simply call the office at 501-227-0707 to schedule a consultation.

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