How to Choose Breast Implant Sizes & Shapes

Updated December 13, 2019

Breast implants come in almost any size imaginable, as well as in multiple shapes. To determine the appropriate size to achieve the look you want, you need to identify and analyze three main factors:

  • the results you want to achieve
  • the proper placement of the breast implant
  • your body type, breast size, and breast shape

The rest of this page will walk you through the process and the main questions we want to address at your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Branman. Choose from the links below to learn more:

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Breast Implant Sizing Process: How is it done?

A key part of your consultation is finding what size breast augmentation, or more specifically, breast implants, will give you the look you want. The best way to do this? See what you might look like with implants before you have surgery. You will get to try on different implants to see how each enhances your body proportions.

With Dr. Branman’s guidance, we can help you find the right implants for your new look. At your implant sizing session, we will measure and take into account your individual proportions, including:

  • Breast width and circumference
  • Shoulder width
  • Rib cage shape, width, and circumference
  • Hip width
  • Waist to hip ratio

As you can see, there is a lot to consider, but Dr. Branman and his staff have decades of experience helping patients through the process. They will take as much time as you need to make sure you feel great about your choice.

Can we aim for a specific cup size?

No matter what breast implant size you end up choosing, trying to estimate the cup size you will be after breast augmentation is not a realistic objective. This is not only because bra cup sizes are widely inconsistent, but also because it is far more important to achieve the right proportions you are looking for, and cup size is not the most reliable measure for this.

That said, talking to Dr. Branman about your desired cup size may serve as a useful way to share your general goals for breast augmentation.

Bring in photos of women whose breast profiles you like. While we aren’t going to turn you into someone else, having pictures may help many you describe what you like and what you don’t like. Dr. Branman will take your preferences into consideration to help you find implants that achieve the characteristics you like in a way that looks great on your body.

What breast implant size options do I have?

Although other sizes are available, the most common implant sizes used in breast augmentation range from 200cc (cubic centimeters) to 850cc. A larger breast implant will generally have a greater diameter and increased projection, and most implant types come in a range of profiles and base widths.

Round vs. shaped implants: which should I choose?

Breast implants are available in round and shaped options. Shaped implants have a “teardrop shape,” which is intended to provide a naturally sloping appearance to the breast.

In Dr. Branman’s experience, however, round breast implants achieve a very natural breast appearance on their own, plus they have a softer feel that most women prefer. What matters most in achieving a beautifully shaped breast are choosing the appropriate size and profile for the patient’s body and the cosmetic surgeon’s skill and expertise in placing the implants.

Helpful Tips Regarding Breast Implant Size

  • Larger implants (in general, over 400cc) are thought to carry a greater risk of implant displacement.
  • A larger implant does not necessarily mean a dramatic size increase. If you have a wider chest circumference and are taller, you may be happier with a larger implant than you originally thought to achieve the size increase you want. Conversely, if you have a naturally petite frame, you can expect more dramatic changes with comparatively smaller implants.
  • Viewing breast augmentation before and after photos of patients with similar breast size and body proportions can also help you determine a good size.
  • To obtain a satisfactory result, you should be open about your desires; if large breasts are what you want, be straightforward about saying so. Dr. Branman will respect your desires and help you choose breast implants that will most closely achieve your goals while also ensuring your safety.
  • Don’t let outside influences (i.e., friends, partners, celebrity photos) choose your size or convince you to go with a size that you aren’t comfortable with. Your breast implants will likely be a part of you for a very long time, so make sure you’re choosing a size that is right for you.

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