Restore Your Youthful Appearance with VOLUMA®!

Updated September 16, 2016

As we age, we tend to lose volume in our faces, resulting in a worn out and tired look. Luckily, there are options to help restore your youthful glow. VOLUMA® is an FDA approved, minimally invasive injectable treatment that safely and effectively adds volume to the face. See a live demonstration of the procedure and learn more about filler options featuring board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rhys Branman on KATV Channel 7’s Good Morning Arkansas series.

Restore Your Youthful Appearance with VOLUMA®! Video Transcript

Woman: We have Dr. Rhys Branman in the house, and he’s going to show us how a dermal filler, called “Voluma” works, and he has Linda over there, and there’s nothing like a live demonstration to show you how it works, does it hurt, all of that, so they’re going to explain it to us coming up.

Man: No camera cut-aways or editing and that’s the good part about this, and of course Rhys is one of the best out there and he’s going to show us how they do it over there.

Announcer: From the station that’s on your side, this is Channel 7 News, Good Morning Arkansas

Man: Coming up after this breakthough, we’re going to step over to the side of the stage, and we’re going to see how Voluma Dermal Filler, how it works. Dr. Rhys Branman in this morning, a live demonstration in studio when we come back.

Woman: Welcome back into Good Morning Arkansas, Dr. Rhys Branman joins us today. We’re going to talk about Voluma and how it works, and Linda is going to get it done for us, she said, “This is so much fun” and I said, “Is it really fun?” and she said, “Well after it’s done it’ll be nice”. Thank you for coming. Good to see you doctor.

Dr. Branman: It’s great to see you again. I understand you had a wonderful summer vacation.

Woman: I did. I got to go to the beach twice this summer, so I got really spoiled. But this is exciting stuff.

Dr. Branman: This is exciting. This is Voluma. This is the sort of the latest, greatest, in hyaluronic acid fillers. Basically, it’s a longer acting filler, and it’s used for filling in the larger areas of the cheeks and face. So, a lot of women over time will lose some volume in their cheeks, and this is a very nice product, so it’ll really volumize, give you fuller cheeks, more of that more youthful look. It also lasts up to two years.

Woman: Oh wow, a long time.

Dr. Branman: Yeah, so it’s really pretty amazing. You know, I think on a clinical basis your going to see a really good one year, and then maybe with a little bit of a boost you’ll get that two year volumization, but it really is one of these nicer, longer lasting fillers that really does what they say it’s going to.

Woman: Most of us think it’s the wrinkles that make us look old, but really it’s the volume, it’s the fat we lose.

Dr. Branman: That’s right. Think about a balloon that gets deflated. It’s full when it’s full of air, but as soon as it gets deflated, you have a lot of wrinkles showing up in that balloon. Well the face is the same way. You have a youthful round face when your young, and as you lose that fat volume, you get a little more wrinkles and things drop down. So what we’re doing, is we’re trying to lift things up again, and give you a little more volume.

Woman: Where are we going to apply it?

Dr. Branman: We are going to go right in this area, we call this the malar area or the cheek which is commonly known, so we’re going to put a little bit on this side, and so if you notice, Linda has lost some volume here. She’s got this, sort of crease here, this is dropping down a little bit, and so what we’re going to do is volumize her with the Voluma.

Woman: Okay. All FDA approved?

Dr. Branman: All FDA approved, yes. All made here in the United States, everything.

Woman: Very good.

Dr. Branman: So first we’re going to just wipe her cheek off with just a little bit of alcohol here.

Woman: Okay. Just to cleanse it?

Dr. Branman: Just to cleanse it. We put some numbing cream on there ahead of time, and the product itself has lidocaine in it, which is a numbing agent itself.

Woman: Within the product itself.

Dr. Branman: Within the product, so it actually makes it very comfortable. And so, then what we’re going to do is we’re going to start sort of in this mid range, kind of mid cheek area, and just put a little bit in there. See, she’s not really flinching, so it’s really not too bad. And so, automatically you see that volume coming up there. And I’ll massage that a little bit, and then she’s got a little bit of a deficit right there and we’re going to put a little more right there.

And again, really, there’s the volume, we kind of massage it in, and you’re already seeing how that’s picking that up. And she is just a trooper and we’re doing…how are are you doing there, Linda? You doing okay?

Woman: She doesn’t want to move when you ask her that, doctor, but she looks like she’s doing great.

Linda: Actually, it doesn’t hurt at all.

Woman: Really?

Dr. Branman: Good, she’s surprised. And then, so what we’ll do is we’ll add even a little bit more in here, and so really you just run along this whole malar area, and you just fill that cheek in. And you can see we’ve already gotten rid of that crease there, and we’ll come out just a little bit further right here, I mean there’s really minimal bleeding, the swelling is pretty minimal. Sometimes you can get a little bruising out of it, but for the most part, it’s actually a very great product.

Woman: And 15 minutes and she’s done.

Dr. Branman: Fifteen minutes, we’re already done with this one.

Woman: Any side effects she’ll have later today, this week or anything?

Dr. Branman: She could get a little bit of swelling, possibly a little bit of bruising. We ask patients if they can take some Tylenol or Advil for pain afterwards, but really, that’s all there is to it.

Woman: Other than that she can go on to her day, go back to work?

Dr. Branman: She can go back to work, put a little makeup on and everything’s covered up. And there, you can let go of that, you can see we’ve already gotten rid of that crease, it’s all gone.

Woman: It’s plumper. It’s more youthful.

Dr. Branman: It’s plumper, it’s fuller, and it’s done in what, a minute?

Woman: Basically, yes. Are there any other parts of the face you would use this?

Dr. Rhys Branman: We can use it sort of in this nasal labia fold area, we can use it right here. A lot of people don’t realize, but they have a little bit of a dip right here and if we fill that out, it just gives them a little bit more fullness right there. And we can carry this on to the cheekbone to give you that high cheek. Some women want to have more of that model high cheek look. And so it really is an exciting product and we’re really happy to have it.

Woman: And that’s something they can talk about with you, here’s what I want to achieve, and then you kind of figure out what they need. You feel good?

Linda: Oh, like I said, it was just barely a pinch. It feels great, I’m excited.

Woman: Very good. Okay, you actually have some specials if someone is interested.

Dr. Branman: We have some specials on Voluma. So if someone wants to get two syringes of Voluma, which will actually do both cheeks, we’re going to give them about $650 dollars worth of Botox for free. We also have a laser resurfacing special, so if they come in and get a full face laser resurfacing, we’ll do the neck and chest area for free as well.

Woman: Okay, so you can combine some of those?

Dr. Branman: You could combine them, because it’s the end of the summer, everyone has been out in the sun, they get a little sun damage, laser resurfacing really helps with that.

Woman: Get rid of some of those dark spots.

Dr. Branman: That’s right.

Woman: Okay, and then you’ve got an open house coming up in the fall?

Dr. Branman: We do. We do have an open house, one month from today I think. It’s pretty much our…the 22nd of October. So there you go. It’s coming up. And we’ll talk about it more.

Woman: Yeah, you’ll be back, we’ll talk about it more. Linda, thank you! Ten years younger just like that.

Dr. Branman: It’s amazing.

Woman: Thank you so much for coming in today, and there’s the information on your screen, give them a call to set up a consultation, or appointment, or go online and you can see before and afters and all the different services that they have. Thank you both.

For more information, contact us online or simply call the office at 501-227-0707 to schedule a consultation.

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