Blast Your Bulges with Vaser Liposuction

Updated May 10, 2016

Oftentimes exercise and diet alone are not enough to rid the body of stubborn areas of fat. Vaser liposuction is a great option that uses modern technology to break up fat cells with a gentle ultrasonic wand. The procedures recovery time is quick due to less bruising and swelling. To learn more, watch board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rhys Branman on KATV Channel 7’s Good Morning Arkansas series.


Blast Your Bulges with Vaser Liposuction Video Transcript

Announcer: Working for you in The Spirit of Arkansas. This is Channel 7 News. Good morning Arkansas.

Woman: Today on the show we’re going to have Dr. Rhys Branman. He said he’s a little under the weather too. He’s got it as well. But we’re going to talk today about vaser liposuction. You’ve heard of liposuction but this is kind of a new upgraded form of it and some season around the corner very quickly.

Man: So Vaser with a “V” not with an “L”.

Woman: Vaser, with a “V”. Yeah, not laser but vaser. We’ll talk a little more about what makes it maybe a little easier on your body, little easier to recover from and get to some of those areas that diet and exercise can’t get to.

Man: When we come back, we will check in with Dr. Rhys Branman, he is here to tell us more about Vaser liposuction.

Woman: Vaser.

Man: Vaser.


Woman: Welcome back everybody. Dr. Rhys Branman joins us today. We’re going to talk a little bit about Vaser liposuction. I’m sure you’ve heard about liposuction but maybe not the vaser part of it. Good to see you.

Dr. Branman: Good to see you too.

Woman: You sound better than me though. You’re not too…

Dr. Branman: Yeah, it’s not really pretty. You’ll get over it.

Woman: Swimsuit season is coming up. Summer time and people sometimes have these areas that they just can’t get rid of.

Dr. Branman: Can’t get rid of. That’s right. And there used to be liposuction, which was going in there and taking out the fat. But now we’ve really advanced things to a new method of doing liposuction called Vaser liposuction. What we are essentially doing is breaking up the fat ahead of time with a gentle Vaser ultrasonic wand and then we’re going in and taking out the fat. It allows us to take out the fat a lot easier. There’s less bruising, less swelling, we get a lot smoother result. And so really, people really want to ask their surgeon, “Do you have the Vaser machine?” Because that is where you are going to get your best liposuction results.

Woman: You don’t want to do the old liposuction process.

Dr. Branman: You don’t want to do the old liposuction process because really, it just tells that patient that really this isn’t the ultimate in new technology.

Woman: Let’s go back and talk about fat cells. I was reading some of the information you sent that at a certain age we don’t get rid of fat cells anymore. We just shrink them a little bit?

Dr. Branman: We shrink them. Think of a fat cell as a pocket filled with fat. There’s so many pockets and those pockets can get bigger or they can get smaller. But when you lose weight, you’re not losing the cells, you’re actually just making the pockets shrink so they can easily expand again. What liposuction does is actually removes those pockets completely so they can’t expand because they are gone.

Woman: And that’s what diet and exercise won’t do. You don’t get rid of those cells

Dr. Branman: That’s right, you don’t get rid of those cells. You decrease the size. I’m not saying, “Don’t do diet and exercise,” because I think that’s the most important way to lose weight. But when you can’t physically lose all the weight, meaning you’ve got select areas, that’s where the Vaser liposuction is really most important.

Woman: What are some of the people come in and say, “I just can’t get rid of this?”

Dr. Branman: Well for men it’s the breast area and usually the waist area. For women it tends to be the legs, the hips, and usually the tummy area. And so those are the most typical areas that we see people coming in for liposuction or the Vaser liposuction.

Woman: You just worked and worked out and it just don’t go away. Talk about the process. How big is the instrument? What are we talking about as far as the actual surgery?

Dr. Branman: The instrument is only that wide.

Woman: Tiny.

Dr. Branman: It’s very tiny. And the incision is only that big because that’s what allows us to get that instrument in to take that fat out. Now, the patients are all asleep so it’s a very comfortable process. We do it all in our own certified surgery center in our office. And so we have AAA certification. It’s a very safe and comfortable environment to take the fat out.

Woman: That’s something else you told us to ask about, was the certification of the surgeries.

Dr. Branman: Absolutely. If the surgeon is not operating in a hospital or certified surgery center I would not operate there.

Woman: And you can really pinpoint the area. I mean you can really be precise in taking the fat cells out and leaving everything else.

Dr. Branman: That’s right. We can take fat cells from various different layers and we can take it from specific areas leaving you with a nice contour.

Woman: What’s our recovery time? How long do you have to sit on the couch?

Dr. Branman: Sitting on the couch? Really you’re not going to sit on the couch. We want you up and moving the very first day. But 3-5 days typical patient is a little bit sore. And then they can be back at work within a week very easily.

Woman: It’s good to get active again pretty quickly.

Dr. Branman: Absolutely, we want you up, moving and getting up and around.

Woman: Some of us might say, you know we want to lay on the couch and watch tv for a week, but you don’t have to.

Dr. Branman: No, we don’t want you doing that. Actually, you’ll feel better moving around.

Woman: Very good. Do you have some other specials going on right now?

Dr. Branman: Yeah we do. We have Mommy Makeover Special. That’s right.

Woman: Oh yes. Remind us what that is?

Dr. Branman: Mommy Makeover is where we do either a tummy tuck and a breast aug or liposuction and a breast aug. You do the first procedure at regular price, we take 50% off the second procedure.

Woman: If you’ve had a baby, and you’re a mommy you know things grow back where they were before.

Dr. Branman: People love it and it gets people ready for the summer vacation.

Woman: And you can check out, of course, the website. Before and afters.

Dr. Branman: That’s right. All our specials are on the website. Before and afters, everything.

Woman: Okay it is a great place right there on Executive Center Drive Suite 100. And there’s the phone number 227-0707. Or you can go to the website like Dr. Branman mentioned and check out the pictures and get more information too. And call him if you have any questions Thank you Dr Branman, good to see you.

Dr. Branman: Thank you very much.

Woman: Okay back to, and get to feeling better too.

Dr. Branman: You too.

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