Goodbye Loose Skin, Hello Ultherapy®!

Updated September 16, 2016

Is there an alternative, skin tightening procedure that doesn’t involve surgery? Yes, with Ultherapy®, a non-surgical option that uses ultrasound technology to safely and effectively tighten the skin of the face and neck. To learn more about this treatment and to see a live demonstration, watch board certified surgeon, Dr. Rhys Branman on KATV Channel 7’s Good Morning Arkansas series.

Goodbye Loose Skin, Hello Ultherapy®! Video Transcript

Female Newscaster: Dr. Rhys Branman is in and today we’re going to get a live demonstration of how Ultherapy works. We’ve talked about it before with him, but today a live demonstration. We got the machine, the table, the client, everything here and we’re going to talk about this alternative maybe, to face lifts and put it off a while or be instead of for some sagging skin. So we’ll talk about that. Turn the clock back.

Male Newscaster: Okay.

Title Recording: From the station that’s on your side, this is Channel 7 News, Good Morning Arkansas.

Male Newscaster: Coming up after this short break, we’re going to see how Ultherapy works. Stay with us, a live demonstration with Dr. Rhys Branman when we come back.

Female Newscaster: Welcome back everybody. Hey, it’s not often we get a live demonstration on the air. Dr. Rhys Branman Is here to talk about Ultherapy. Welcome.

Dr. Branman: Thank you for having me, I appreciate it.

Female Newscaster: Good to see you.

Dr. Branman: It’s good to see you too.

Female Newscaster: So, Mina.

Dr. Branman: Mina.

Female Newscaster: By the way, retired veteran.

Dr. Branman: That’s right. She is here from the United States Air force.

Female Newscaster: Wonderful. Well, welcome and she’s getting the treatment today.

Dr. Branman: That’s right, we’re doing this for Veterans Day. We’re going to treat her with Ultherapy.

Female Newscaster: Okay. Crystal has already started.

Dr. Branman: That’s right.

Female Newscaster: Let’s talk about Ultherapy.

Dr. Branman: Sure, Ultherapy is ultrasound therapy. That’s what the “ul” part of it stands for and what that is, is that we use ultrasound, and this is the same ultrasound waves that when you go look at someone when they’re having a baby and you look at the baby under there. Well these are the same ultrasound waves, but what they do is they concentrate them so that they create energy just below the skin. What that does is it heats up the collagen and it allows the skin to tighten and thus lifting the tissues.

Female Newscaster: So for that sagging skin we get as we age.

Dr. Branman: That’s right.

Female Newscaster: Yeah, what parts of the face are we talking about?

Dr. Branman: Well we can do all parts of the face. We can do the brows, we can do the eyelids, we can do under the neck, we can do the jowls. Now there is a limitation, you can’t do really very saggy skin, but people who are just starting to see sagginess, they just got that little bit of droop that’s kind of bothering them, Ultherapy is perfect for them.

Female Newscaster: Okay and if you’re thinking maybe a face lift, but this could put it off for years.

Dr. Branman: Yeah, yeah I mean you probably put it off four, five years if you start early enough. Treatments occur, you do one treatment, wait about a year to see how things look and then you might do another treatment after that. And the treatments probably last you about a year and sometimes up to two years in patients.

Female Newscaster: And is it affecting the collagen? Is that what’s going on in our skin?

Dr. Branman: Absolutely. What it is, is it’s actually gently heating the collagen and the collagen then shrinks and contracts and that shrinkage is what causes the tightening of the skin.

Female Newscaster: Okay, tell us what Crystal’s doing and then she looks on the screen here.

Dr. Branman: Yeah, what Crystal is doing is she is applying the Ultherapy treatment. Each little pulse is actually delivering energy to each part of the skin and what you see is this is almost looks like you would be looking to somebody’s baby in this right here and I don’t know if you can see that but this is the skin and this is the tissue below the skin and that green line is where the energy is being targeted and that’s where the tightening is occurring.

Female Newscaster: Okay, so it’s not affecting the other skin.

Dr. Branman: It’s not affecting the other skin. It goes below the skin, tightens the below skin structures and then that’s where you get your effect.

Female Newscaster: So no incisions.

Dr. Branman: No incisions. I mean very minimal downtime. Sometimes we give people a little bit of sedation just during the treatment. Other than that, there’s no scarring, no incisions and people are back to whatever they want to do the next day.

Female Newscaster: And what kind of results do you see?

Dr. Branman: We see very nice results. We see just nice, gentle tightening of the skin here, we see brow lifting and it’s very nice. We do get some very nice results with it. It’s also a great augment for let’s say someone has a face lift and they want to maintain that face lift. Awe just keep on treating it with the Ultherapy or they get a brow lift and they want to maintain those results, we do the Ultherapy.

Female Newscaster: So if you’ve had one of those procedures and you’re thinking, “Well it doesn’t look as good as it did.”

Dr. Branman: That’s right. We turn back the clock but things continue.

Female Newscaster: Yeah, you can’t completely stop time.

Dr. Branman: You can’t completely stop time.

Female Newscaster: When you figure out how to do that, let us know.

Dr. Branman: I will let you know. I absolutely will.

Female Newscaster: About how long does this take then?

Dr. Branman: About 30 minutes.

Female Newscaster: Okay.

Dr. Branman: And then people just go home right after that.

Female Newscaster: Yeah, very good. Not much downtime. Any redness or anything?

Dr. Branman: Sometimes people can have a little bit of redness, but other than that, that’s about it and sometimes if we use sedation for some patients they may be a little groggy that day and then the next day they’re back to whatever they want to do.

Female Newscaster: Okay, well it is Ultherapy.

Dr. Branman: That’s right we have a special on it.

Female Newscaster: Oh what is that?

Dr. Branman: It’s normally 3,200 for a full face and we’re switching those numbers and doing 2,300.

Female Newscaster: Okay.

Dr. Branman: But you got to call today because it’s a good special and we want people to take advantage of that for Veterans Day and our veteran here.

Female Newscaster: Very good. Mina is our veteran today. She’s happy, she’s getting served today instead of her serving our country. We thank you for your service along with all the veterans. Crystal, thank you for showing us how it works and we appreciate you, Dr. Rhys.

Dr. Branman: Thank you very much.

Female Newscaster: Let’s put up the information of course about the Cosmetic Surgery Center. Here it is for you on the screen right here in Little Rock and you can also go to the website, see before and afters. You have something else?

Dr. Branman: It’s just such a great uplifting kind of procedure I think everybody should really participate in.

Female Newscaster: We should all be uplifted like that.

Dr. Branman: We should.

Female Newscaster: Thank you.

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