Silikon 1000 Injections

Silikon 1000 is composed of sterile silicone oil and often used by cosmetic surgeons to augment lips or fill in lines. In a brief outpatient procedure, Silikon 1000 can be injected into depressed areas that need filling, or areas such as the lips that need plumping up.

The results are permanent and no allergy test is required.  To reduce the risk of a complication, multiple treatments may be necessary.

This product is not FDA approved for cosmetic use. It is approved for treatment of retinal detachment; under the modernization act licensed physicians can administer injections for an off-label use they deem appropriate.

As with any injectable treatment, you should always choose a qualified, experienced provider to ensure you are receiving the highest possible level of safe, effective treatment. For more information on Silikon 1000, contact our Arkansas Cosmetic Surgery office.

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