About the Sciton Profile Laser

Updated November 3, 2021

At the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, we use the state-of-the-art Sciton Profile Laser for a variety of cosmetic procedures:

The Sciton laser system is modular, with various components that can be upgraded, changeable filters, and the ability to do a wide variety of customized treatments. It has a Broad Beam light source (BBL) which is the world’s best pulsed-light system.

Advantages of the Sciton Profile Laser

There are plenty of different laser platforms we could choose for our patients. We believe the Sciton Profile laser is best for our patients for a number of reasons, as it delivers excellent results for a variety of procedures both safely and predictably.

For Skin Resurfacing …

  • Protects your skin from heat damage. The Sciton Profile Laser sends its beam through a cooling plate of sapphire, which protects your skin from heat more effectively than previously-used lasers.
  • More thorough results. The laser pulses are sent not by manual movement, but via a computer-controlled scanner. This creates the exact amount of overlap desired to ensure thorough, balanced treatment.
  • More consistent results. It sends its pulses in a certain pattern that makes sure every tiny part of the skin is treated, each pulse being delivered at a different time from the neighboring ones. This separates the heat of each pulse, preventing any build-up.
  • Faster treatment time. The fact that it has two lasers means that one can fire while the other one recharges, which speeds up the procedure.

sciton laser resurfacing

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