BOTOX® Isn't Just for the Ladies!

Updated August 24, 2020

Cosmetic enhancement is not just for women. BOTOX® and other cosmetic injectable treatments have surged in popularity through the years, and that is not exclusive to female patients, more and more men are opting for cosmetic enhancement. Board certified surgeon, Dr. Rhys Branman, discusses the many benefits of “BROTOX” or male BOTOX injections with KATV Channel 7 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

More Men Getting Botox


BOTOX® Isn’t Just for the Ladies! Video Transcript

Man: Still ahead tonight on Channel 7 News at 6:00, it’s being termed ‘Brotox’, men undergoing what has typically been thought of as an injection used by women. Coming up at 6:17, some theories on why more men are using BOTOX.

Woman: Hear about her arrival.

Announcer: From the station that’s on your side, this is Channel 7 News at 6:00.

Man: Coming up after the break, it’s being called ‘Brotox’.

Woman: BOTOX for men has seen a big rise over the past few years. We’re going to preview a story that airs tonight at 10:00, after the break.

Man: Well, many women have been getting BOTOX for years, but now there’s a rise in men getting a little lift in their brow, as well.

Woman: The men who get it have given the cosmetic procedure a special term. Channel 7’s Alicia Dover is here now with a preview of her story tonight at 10:00. Alicia?

Alicia: That’s right, guys, the term for men getting BOTOX is called ‘Brotox’. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons tracks the number of reported cosmetic procedures, done yearly, and when it comes to BOTOX, hundreds of thousands of men are flocking into clinics to get a little lift in their brow. Dr. Rhys Branman of the Cosmetic Surgery Center says he’s seen a big increase in men coming into his office for BOTOX. One man we spoke with, who has become a regular at Dr. Branman’s office, says he thinks it’s becoming popular with men because it’s something that’s quick and easy.

Stuart Burke: It’s relatively effortless, so just a couple of minutes and then the result’s done. And then you go back to your business. As you can tell, I’m dressed for work. So you can easily stop in, get it done, and then be right back on your way.

Alicia: And tonight at 10:00, hear from Dr. Branman on why men coming into his office are increasingly asking for this cosmetic procedure. ‘Brotox’, guys!

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