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FREE Upper Eyelid Lift with SmartLift

Need a little pick-me-up? If you book your SmartLift Facelift this month, you’ll receive a free upper eyelid lift!

Introducing SkinPen (+ a Limited Time Offer!)

The new SkinPen provides some of the best results with the highest level of safety in the microneedling market—and the Cosmetic surgery Center is one of the select few locations to have this new advanced technology. We’re celebrating by offering you a package of 3 SkinPen treatments with a 90-day Skinfuse kit for only $999.

Get Your Eyebrows “On Fleek”

Schedule a brow-shaping appointment with Crystal this month, and we’ll throw in a free eyebrow tint!

25% OFF TNS Eye Repair

Give your eyes some TLC for spring! When you purchase a Latisse eyelash enhancement kit, you’ll receive 25% OFF TNS Eye Repair.

Mentor BFF Referral Program

Share your breast augmentation experience, share in the rewards. Visit to learn how you and your BFF could earn up to $125 each.

Military Discount: save 10% on surgeon’s fees

Show us your valid military ID and enjoy 10% off Dr. Branman’s surgeon’s fees. Available all year round on any surgical procedure. The military discount applies to any cosmetic surgery procedure, including but not limited to:

Be sure to check out our upcoming events! They’re fun, informative, and a great way to get to know Dr. Branman and our staff.

*Pre-purchase policy: Pre-purchasing of promotional products and treatment packages allows our patients to try new treatments at discount prices. Due to limited supplies of products at each promotion it is not possible to trade out products for other treatments/products. In addition, product packages are designed to provide you the best possible outcome. Therefore, it is important for you to complete all treatments in a package as originally intended.

  • I understand the above and agree to the following when purchasing my skin care treatment packages/promotional products.
  • I will complete my package as originally intended.
  • I understand that I cannot trade out my originally purchased product for other services or products.
  • There are no refunds on any pre-purchases of packages/products.
  • If my treatment from products pre-purchased goes beyond 6 months of the purchase date, I will forfeit the promotional price.
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